Emotions all over the place

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Emotions all over the place

So I was emotional and teary in the first tri and then by the 2nd tri all that was gone and now its back with a vengence. I had a dream the other night that DH left me and the baby. He wouldn't tell me why he was leaving and it broke my heart. I woke up crying bc it felt so real. I had to get up out of bed and get a drink of water just to get over it.

And then when I went to the cloth diaper store with my friend, she was asking great questions for me, like which ones daycares like best and how many I would need for a 9 hour daycare day. I nearly busted into tears thinking about leaving him somewhere for 9 hours a day.

Pretty much anything sends me off crying. If DH is even the slightest bit frustrated, I just start crying. I'm a mess ladies.

Are any of you dealing with loads of tears?

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You're not alone.. Unfortunately. Sad I'm on the verge of tears almost always anymore. I haven't actually dropped the tears but I'm sure it's only a matter of time.

:bigarmhug: You're in the home stretch, friend.. Hang in there!! :comfort:

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I have been going up and down. one minute I'm fine and the next minute the littlest thing sets me off on a rampage. Sometimes Ill be mad and annoyed and other times I feel like all I want to do is cry. I almost cried tonight when I tried to work out but couldn't because I got some sting cramps or contractions down in my hoo hah regions. And sometimes I just get upset because of the way I have been acting lately. I feel like such a horrible wife. Poor hubby does everything to try and make me happy but something always pops up and makes me mad. Im ready for these raging hormones to be gone. But yes Elizabeth , I know how your feeling. We will overcome this though. lol Were all hitting close to our dates so not much longer and we will get to see our new bundles of joy. Smile

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I'm always sad. And I ALWAYS have bad dreams about DH leaving or cheating on me. When I wake up from those dreams - it pretty much puts my whole day in a damper.

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Hugs to you all! I hope you all can start feeling better the closer it gets to baby time.

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(((hugs))) If it makes you feel any better, I almost cried today at work on a bad conference call. I'm usually much tougher than that and understand that this stuff is not personal (it's business) but I was seriously blinking back the tears and put myself on mute for most of the call because I got all hurt and emotional. (((hugs))) We're almost done, and then we can have our brains and bodies back. Smile

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Ditto to everyone... I also feel horrible about how much DH does on a daily basis and it makes me so upset but then I try to do something and I am so tired or sore. We can do it!!!