Ending this pregnancy with a bang!

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Ending this pregnancy with a bang!

Hi ladies! I havent been posting much the past few months but I have been lurking Smile

I have been pretty sick this pregnancy, pretty much everything that can make a pregnancy hard has been going on with me! I was diagnosed with Gestational diabetes about 2 months ago and have been having a really hard time keeping my numbers stable. I am either super high or crashing dangerously low. Thats with the diet and meds! ugh...

And now, I am 1 week away from my c-section date. April 2nd... and I have the worst hemorrhoid known to man, a raging yeast infection and I am constipated! Not to mention I am having uncomfortable BH contractions about every 20 minutes for the past couple weeks... AND my left hip has been hurting me so bad I can barely walk... whew..

LOL I am a frikken mess!! I am so ready to be done cookin this baby. I keep telling myself only 1 more week to go, and thats helping. My first 2 pregnancies (both girls) were actually very pleasant! this one has just been awful since the get go. I guess it is really true what they say that every pregnancy is different. I am having a boy, i wonder if its been harder because I am having a boy this time?

I hope you are all doing well and I am sooo excited to start seeing more baby pictures!! We did it ladies!!! we made it to the home stretch!! Hang in there!!!!! ♥

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Nice to see you Tanya! I'm sorry that this pregnancy has been so hard on you. I hope the next week just flies by! Please post pics of your little boy when he arrives!

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It's good to hear from you, sorry it's been so difficult on you and I hope this next week flies by. All your suffering will be a distant memory soon!!

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Aww, I'm so sorry! You're almost there and I know it'll all be worth it Smile

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Hey Tonya, it has been awhile. Sorry to hear you have had a rough pregnancy. Happy to hear you get to meet your little one so soon!! Keep posting and let us know when the baby arrives...we want to see pics!!

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Howdy! You can do it! The suffering will all be worth it... that is what I keep saying each day!

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Sorry this pregnancy has been hard on you. Not much longer and you will be holding your new bundle of joy Smile I bet you are super excited! Smile Hope things go well and sending happy thoughts Smile I will be praying for you. Smile

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Wow, interesting that your pregnancy has been so different and it's a boy this time. I'm sorry you've had such a rough go of it. But so glad you will meet your baby boy soon! Definitely keep us posted on things when he comes!

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thanks ladies! i cant WAIT to show you guys pictures Smile I coudlnt be more excited Biggrin

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Hi Tonya! Funny that you mention having a DS may have made your pregnancy harder. I've been really trying to convince myself that having a DD made my pregnancy suck LOL

Hope everything goes well in the future and yes! share pics when you get them!

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Hi Tonya, sorry to hear you've had such a rough time. I hope these last few days just fly by for you and please do come back and share pics!

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It really is crazy how different two pregnancies can be. Mine are both DD and the pregnancies have been night and day.