Evening Woes

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Evening Woes

Ugg, so my baby is pretty good during the day but he is a MONSTER in the evening - basically from dinner to at least 9-10pm. It seems like he is always due to eat right at dinner so I'm either feeding him during it or we're trying to entertain him at the table. Then after that he just wants to eat and eat and eat. I give him bottles, I nurse him, etc. He is just never happy. He finally conks out after much ado at 9 or 10, sometimes 11, but it's SO exhausting and it's my time without the kids that I have to spend feeding him or whatever.
Any tips? I guess maybe he does it because he usually doesn't wake up until 4-5am to eat so he's tanked up but I'd rather he eat at like 5, 8, and 10 or 11 or something and not just be ravenous the entire evening.

Also, how much do your babies eat in one sitting if they take a bottle? Sometimes I nurse him and then he takes 4oz AFTER I nurse him. He's taken 5oz in a sitting before too. I just feel like that's a lot for his age.

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Rylee takes 5 oz in a bottle 6 times a day. With DD she took 6 oz at this point and cut a bottle out but rylee can't take more than 5 right now without spitting

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Kylie is taking 3oz bottles right now every 2-3 hours. She won't eat more then that in a sitting. She is usually(and I use this loosely as she is asleep right now) up between 6-7pm until about 10-10:30 and then will sleep for 3-4 hours. get up have a diaper change and 3oz bottle and back to sleep for another 3 hours or so.

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Evenings can be tough here too. I eat dinner early because I know I'll be nursing her most of the night. What helped with her and helped with my DS's fussy evenings was to put them to bed earlier. I lay her down around 8 and she'll have a short stretch, like 2 hours before her longest stretch. Does he refuse the breast at some point? I think Emma would probably eat anything I put in front of her in that mode too. I just keep nursing her, then, if she gets too fussy for it or starts refusing, I walk her around until she falls asleep for a bit. It's a rough phase, but remember it passes quickly! Is DH there to help with the kids in the evenings?

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He seems to *always* take the boob, lol! Lately it's been better though. DH is good to put the kids to bed and stuff so it's not too bad. Or he will just hold the baby for me to give me a break!

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Julie's eating 5 oz as well. Except sometimes when she gets woken up (thank you loud dogs and loud neighbors) and it's *close* to feeding time, she'll eat but she won't take the whole 5 oz. Sometimes 4, sometimes 3. Once or twice she just stared at the bottle while it's in her mouth. I was worried I was feeding her too much but the pedi said she's doing just fine.

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I guess I should be grateful that Henry doesnt eat as much at night. He does an 8 hour feeding frenzy in the daytime. I'm not doing bottles yet so still not sure how much he eats. But he feeds sometimes 30-40 minutes each side with only 10-20 minute breaks between feedings.

Hope your nights get better soon and you get some more time with your other kiddos!