Exersaucer vs Jumperoo

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Exersaucer vs Jumperoo

So I know Henry is too young for these still, but which do you prefer, an exersaucer or jumperoo?

My dad keeps saying he wants to get us one of these. I might not get a choice since he is likely to get it at garage sale. There is this thing called divine consign too that sells used baby items, I might tell him to go to one. But in case he buys new, I am interested in which is your favorite and why.

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We have a fisher price rainforest jumperoo. We had it with my DS and he absolutely loved it! We will use it again for Kylie when she is ready.

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We love excersaucer and a Lilly older we do a doorway jumper

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We never had a jumperoo but we have an exersaucer which T really liked. I haven't broken it out yet for Reid because he's too little.

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Here is Rylee again in the excersaucer. She was wicked fussy outside in her bouncy chair I think because she couldn't see what we were doing then I put her in this and she hung out watching us for an hour while we got the yard ready for her baptism this weekend

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Rylee is so cute! Look at that tongue. Smile

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We've only had jumperoos and all my kids loved them.

I love that pic of Rylee! She's precious!

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We have an exersaucer a lot like Rylee's. I feel like the jumperoos are taller so take up a bit more space (we might put ours slightly under our counter) and sometimes have less to do. You can still jump in our exersaucer too.

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