Extreme Hunger?!?!?

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Extreme Hunger?!?!?

Ok ladies.. I dont know if this is normal I haven't expierenced anything like it this early on. Ok so my heart will starting beating like extremely hard then I get nausaus and then I get hungry like REALLY hungry a few minutes later, even after I just recently had a meal. Anyone else get this? I workout at least 5 times a week for about 1.5 each day and Im trying really hard to keep my weight down because i had alot of problems with my first pregnancy(gaining about 130 lbs, preclampsia and toxemia).

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When I was pregnant last time I was STARVING like that most of the time. All I wanted to do was eat and I couldn't believe how often I wanted to eat. It always seemed to me like I felt like I was starving right after I ate. Drove me crazy. I started eating smaller meals and bought a lot of healthy snacks to help with that. It also helped big time with the nausea. I got carrot sticks and applesauce and lots of fruit and of course crackers. I snacked on these things between meals. It was almost like I had to have food in my stomach constantly. I woke up in the night feeling that way too and I hate eating late because the calories don't have anywhere to go since you're still late at night. So I felt a lot better about it having the healthy snacks. I'm sure it's totally normal unless I'm weird too. Smile

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I'm not having that at the moment, (actually the opposite....my stomach feels dodgy and it makes me not want to eat) but I read somewhere that either losing your appetite or feeling like you're starving are different ways that women experience m/s and both are totally normal.

Hey, since we both need to watch our diet and whatnot for health reasons, I propose we make a healthy pregnancy thread where we can share ideas for healthy meals, snacks, workouts, et cetera. Off to go make!

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Sounds good, im actually writing a few recipes for healthy desserts and breakfasts and had one published in the local newspaper the other day...Stay tuned! Today I'm making wheat Strawberry banana greek yogurt muffins(no sugar added)
Here is the recipe
1 cup Flour
1 cup Whoel wheat flour
about 10 medium strawberries leaves cut off
3/4 cup french vanilla greek yogurt
1tsp, vanilla extract
2 large ripe bananas
1 tsp B.P
1/2 Tsp B.S
3/4 cup stevia
2 eggs

Mix all liquid ingrediants(including sugar and fruit)in food processor, then add dry ingrediants...I mix everything in the processor(ALOT less mess) using 16 muffin tins divide batter equally.. bake at 350 until toothpick comes out dry from center.. let cool completly and enjoy!

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Extreme hunger was always one of my first symptoms, so I think it is normal. I would also love to be part of a healthy eating group IF I am pg! I was just in the process of changing my eating habits and I started working out a couple of months ago. I am resolving to keep healthy snacks around so I can snack without gaining too much weight, because I am one of those who always needs to have something in my tummy or else I am super sick!