Fatigue at 12 weeks?

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Fatigue at 12 weeks?

So I've been tired off and on since the beginning. But this weekend I took a nap on saturday and sunday. And today I fell asleep at work. My boss asked if I was sick. I told him that its just pregnancy and that I was sorry. He just laughed. So that's good.

But even right now I'm feeling SO sleepy. I have to study though, so I better get off PO and get to it. Is anyone else still fighting fatigue? Is it normal to be this sleepy?

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Im definately still feeling fatigued! I was hoping it would end at 12 weeks but I feel more tired now than I did in the first trimester! I hope you can get some energy and start feeling better soon!!

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I find that I am not as zombie tired all of the time as I was, but that I do tire more easily and need more sleep in general. I fell asleep in the movie theater on Sunday watching Frankenweenie with DS. I haven't fallen asleep in a movie theater since we went to see Tropic Thunder when T was like 2 months old and I was so exhausted from night feedings that I was out the second the lights went out!

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yes as a matter of fact im still soooooooo tired.. Always sleepy. I wish i would get enough sleep at night to last me so i wouldn't be sleepy.

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I was misrerably tired until 18 weeks with my first kid, this one hasn't been anything like that.

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I was pretty tired yesterday but I had a busy weekend so that might have been it. I'm sure it's very likely still pregnancy fatigue.

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I'm still feeling pretty tired, but I think it's because I don't sleep very well at night. It takes me forever to fall asleep and then I move constantly because I have a herniated disc in my back so if I lay in one position for too long something goes numb and I need to move.

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I am SOOO sleepy all day long until time for bed Sad I was hoping I would get back some of my mojo but I feel more tired now than I have in the get go.... Guess it's all that growing the lil ones are up to in us Smile

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I am not as dead on my feet as I was a few weeks ago, but I still wish for a nap around 2 or 3 in the afternoon, and I'm in bed by 10 every night.

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I was actually the opposite. I was actually starting to get all this energy back and was starting to get worried and for the past few days I'm super exhausted again. :confused: I'm sooo tired right now it stinks.

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Well I'm glad I'm not the only sleepy one. My boss cracked another joke about me falling asleep. At least he's laughing right?

I also don't think it helps that its dark all the time now. I hate winter for that reason. It's dark when I get out bed and dark when I get out of work. My body never sees the light of day.

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Elizabeth - I hear ya about the dark issue. I leave for work at 4 in the morning, so it's always dark. Summer, winter...doesn't matter. However, I get off when it's light but all I wanna do is come home and sleep .... so I see daytime walking to the car...and when I let the dogs out LOL

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UGH went to the mall yesterday and was dead tired when I got home!!! Sad You would have thought I ran a darn marathon or something!!!

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I went to bed Friday night at 9 and slept till 10 the next morning and still needed a nap yesterday. I feel like I cant EVER get enough sleep anymore. I wake up sleepy and go to bed sleepy and all the time in between. So blessed to be pregnant but hating all this horrible fatigue. I hear it gets better in the second trimester but I'm here at the end of my first and I feel like its getting worse!

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I think all those "it gets better in the 2nd trimester" things are a bunch of lies.

I'm puking as we speak.
I'm tired - always... I have no motivation to do anything at all.
My boobs are still sensitive and I'm still having cramping "down there". Some RL pain, but some AF type cramps too.

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