Fecal incontinece TMI

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Fecal incontinece TMI

Warning major TMI....

So ever since I gave birth I have been having more frequent bowel movements. I was kind of thinking it was awesome because my whole life I have had major constipation battles, sometimes only going once a week. But now I am going at least 2-3x a day and its a lot. But this week I have been going more like 4x a day and I get a sudden urge when I am nursing or pumping. Its weird. So I might make an appointment with some doctor. Has anyone ever had this? Do I see a gastro doc? A regular doc? My midwife or obgyn?

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Sheesh lady! You just cannot catch a break! If it was me I would start with my regular doctor.

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I might start with your OB/GYN since you just gave birth 5 months ago and totally tore that area up. Seriously though, I want to send you a medal for dealing with everything you've gone through and not totally loosing your sh!t.

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I would probably start with your regular doctor because if you might need a referral to a different doctor your going to need to see them anyways. Hope you can find some answers soon without having to go back to infrequent bowel movements.

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