I do the EASY routine too but I'd call it more of a flexible routine than a "schedule." I did the hard and fast schedule with my first and although he had no adverse effects, I would get stressed out when the schedule got messed up. I go by the book called The Baby Whisperer.
So in the morning after his 7-8am feed, he is usually awake (although sometimes he stays asleep after he eats and then it throws it off a bit) for awhile and then when he gets fussy takes his morning nap. He usually eats every 2 hours in the morning and stretches it a bit in the afternoon to every 2.5-3. If we're out sometimes he goes 3.5 hours. But basically he eats about 8 times a day. At night, I have been just feeding him right before he goes to sleep no matter how long it's been since he ate. He goes down at around 9 and sleeps until 4, then until 7 or 8 usually.
In your case Elizabeth, I would probably try both of the things you mentioned - either try to stretch it so he eats at 8 or so, or just wake him up before you go to sleep and "dream feed" him (feed him while he's still half asleep). If he cluster feeds though then that works too.

For me, I a routine of some sort works well. The time is always different so sometimes he is asleep when DH gets home and sometimes he is awake and hungry/crying but it generally works well. Like on Sundays every week it ends up that I feed him at 10:30, during the sermon. It just always ends up working that way without me really trying. I think once you start doing it the same way every day, baby gets used to it.