Feeling movement?

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Feeling movement?

So obviously its too early for me to feel any movement but I cant wait! For those of you have had a child or have already felt movement, when did you first feel movement with your first baby? I say with your first b/c I know you feel it earlier with your second. I am pg with my first and I want to know approximately when I might feel movement for the first time. Thank you!

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I haven't felt any movement but I think the *main* group of FTMs feel it between 18 and 22 weeks.

I'm excited too! I can already tell a diff because the babys heartbeat was faint at first and now it sounds like a galloping horse in my ear...LOL So now I'm just looking forward to the movement!

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I dunno! :confused: I could swear I have felt things lately but I just know it's too early! I don't remember when I felt my DD move but it wasn't this early maybe closer to 20 weeks.

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With my first I felt movements at 15 weeks.. With my 2nd and 3rd @ 13 weeks.. With this baby I started feeling movements around 12 weeks. Mari, you could be feeling movements!

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I want to say I started feeling movement with Tony around 21 or 22 weeks. Because when we went for our 20 weeks ultrasound for him the tech kept asking if I could feel him moving around and I said no and she was shocked because of how much he was moving. I haven't felt anything yet and i'm 14 weeks 4 days today.

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With my first it was around 18 weeks.

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With my first it was 21 weeks before I really knew I was feeling movement....after the fact I think I started feeling some light movements around 18 weeks. I didn't feel it much earlier with my second. I think it was around 18 weeks with DS2.