Finally had the first ultrasound! (pic)

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Finally had the first ultrasound! (pic)

Everything was perfect! I hadnt heard the heart beat or anything at all until this ultrasound. I am so glad the baby is healthy and doing just fine. The baby was bouncing around all over the place lol!! it took a while to listen to the heartbeat because the baby kept on moving. The heart rate was 171 BPM. Also..... when the Dr. came in he asked if I wanted him to take a peak and see the gender. I said heck ya!! So he looked, said this was just a guess because its really early (i am 12 weeks) but he said..... it is probably a girl!!

I actually said "ahhh man!!" really loud LOL I didnt mean to! Then I was like... no no its ok! I was just really hoping for and expecting a boy lol Smile It was funny. So, we find out for SURE in 6 weeks. I am still holding out and hoping for a boy. I just have a feeling!! Enjoy the picture ladies!! This is a nice profile shot Smile

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Awww, congrats for your beautiful bean! Yahoo How exciting and what a relief to know that things are going well!!!

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awesome!!! look at that baby! so cute!!!!

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Glad it went well and the baby is healthy and doing awesome! So cute! Thank you for sharing!!!

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Sounds like a great appointment. Yay for a healthy baby!

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So happy your appt went well! Baby is so stinkin cute! Smile

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Thanks ladies!! Biggrin

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Ooookay, so.. I usually keep a look out on new ultrasound threads, but I ...I guess I missed this one? So...

:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: for a great appt! Glad you got to see your little GIRL! If the doc tells me I'm having a boy, I'll probably do the awww mannn thing as well, LOL

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Aww what a great picture!