First cold! :(

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First cold! :(

So, my step son came home the last day of school with a cold. Nice!

Then Monday I woke up with the beginnings of one and it's gotten progressively worse. Yesterday I noticed Kylie was sneezing a lot and coughing a bit and woke up this morning very congested! My poor baby!
Going to watch her for a while today and see what happens. I may call the pedi later and talk to a nurse and see if they have any suggestions on what to do to make it a little easier for her.

In the mean time..any suggestions from you ladies? My son was over a year old before he got sick the first time, so I don't really know what to do for her right now.

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do you have a humidifier? I know if you take her into a room that is steamy the steam helps alot, you can try that but the humidifier really has helped us when our kids were sick even my youngest son when he was a baby that helped him.

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I would get a cold mist vaporizer for the room then perhaps some of the little noses saline spray. the little remedies brand is great for providing stuff that's safe for little ones. they also make a non chemical version of vicks rub.

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Oh no, poor Kylie. Hope she feels better soon.

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Poor baby! I hope she feels better soon! Maybe have her sleep in an upright position (like in her carseat?) to help with drainage?

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Yes humidifier and I also used to do Baby Vick's on the bottoms of their feet then put socks on. That worked really well!