First Cold

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First Cold

Well Henry has his first cold. Its so sad. He was so congested last night and kept waking up coughing that I decided to take him to the ER. They did a chest xray and he is fine. But me and DH thought he was dying. I have to say that medical professionals are damn good at guilt tripping you when you don't have anything serious. Makes me so mad, it makes me doubt whether I should go see a doc when I should be able to see a doc anytime I want, as long as I am paying for it.

Anyways, its been a rough night and day. Gonna try to nap.

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Hugs Elizabeth. WE have had our fair share of those dreaded middle of the night ER visits with T (and for the record, it ended up being pneumonia twice, so to my mind that proves better safe than sorry!!!) and they are no fun. Also, having a sick baby is no fun. I hope Henry feels better soon. Poor little guy.

T has had a bad upper respiratory infection for the past week, and I'm terrified that Reid is going to catch it. He has been sneezing a bit yesterday and today, but so far no noticeable congestion or coughing, so I'm hoping that the antibodies in my breast milk are helping him fight it off. T has asthma, so every little virus settles into his chest (which is how he got pneumonia twice when he was a toddler, I think.) I'm hoping that Reid will have better resistance to it.

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Oh gosh pneumonia sounds super scary for a little baby. I have had it once and felt like I was going to die.

Yeah there is a pertussis outbreak in Texas right now, so I just wanted to be safe.

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Elizabeth.. Julie had her first cold for THREE weeks. THREE!!! I was sooo worried. I was in constant contact with my doc...she said any longer than three weeks to bring her in but other than that...just run a humidifier and use the nose sucky thing. Thankfully, it went away. (Only to be replaced by teething..but anyway). Hope he gets well soon.
Alissa..hope reid doesn't catch that! Is T doing ok with his asthma? I have asthma and it sucks.

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I'm so sorry he's sick. Poor sick baby. Sad

Also, screw those ER doctors. When your baby is this little, you're still getting to know their sick personality, so it's hard to really know what's serious and what isn't. We had to rush Carson to the ER a few times for high fevers, but know we know it's normal for him to run high fevers so we don't worry, but when he was 1 and had a 104 fever ... yeah, to the ER we went! Like Alissa said, better safe than sorry. If you're worried, call or go to the doctor and don't think twice about it. We took Carson to the ER once for what ended up being gas that was totally cleared out by the time we got there. Yeah, we looked stupid, but my kid was grabbing his side doubled over in pain and was trying to fall alseep (which is VERY unusual for him). How was I supposed to know it wasn't something serious??? I don't feel bad about it at all.

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Ugg that sucks Elizabeth. We use urgent care centers around here - it's much quicker and easier and costs less.
J still has a cough but the doctor today said his lungs sounded fine (went in for well baby check). Other than that, he's ok. DH has a bad cold though so I'm hoping he doesn't catch it.