First piece of furniture

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First piece of furniture

Although I'm not too thrilled to have it yet, I have a rocking chair for the baby. Smile My brother really needed to get rid of it and it is a nice and pretty expensive one too. He waited until I was a little farther along like I asked so that was nice. He needed the space at home to put up his Christmas tree...LOL The only thing is that it's pink. So if this baby is a boy I don't know what to do, maybe I can buy a cover for it or something. :confused:

It feels so weird...

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Nice! Pink, haha! Well maybe its a girl...and you dont have to worry. If its a boy, he won't care though.

My super sweet dad also got me a rocking chair from a garage sale. He doesn't have a lot of money and he's big into garage selling. I'm not in love with it, but it was such a sweet gesture and I don't want to tell him its not my I'm going to make it work. He wants to pick out the cushions too and I'm like "NOOOO."

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Awww, that is so sweet. Smile Like Elizabeth said, the baby won't care what it looks like or what color it is. Yay for a rocking chair for baby!

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how cool, you can always paint it. I'd prob paint it white anyway and get material you like for cushions.

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I love the rocking chair I got for my dd. We still rock to bed every night. And yeah, I think you should be able to do something about the color pretty easily if it is a boy like paint or cover it, but he won't care at all anyway! If my next one is a boy, he is going to have a pink bathtub and pink baby bouncy seat cause that's the color I have and I'm not buying another one, lol!

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Very cool, rocking chairs are GREAT for the nursery!