Flu shots and when?

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Flu shots and when?

So if you are getting a flu shot, when are you getting yours or have you already? My midwife didn't mention it and I forgot to ask. I was wanting to wait until the 2nd trimester. But I'm having some cold/flu symptoms and it made me think maybe I should get one sooner.

Last night I had body aches and chills and woke up with a sore throat. I took vit C, D and zinc and drank lots of fluids today. Feeling a bit better. But I'm so scared of getting sick right now.

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Mmm, I don't know. I've honestly never had one. Shots and i are not friends at all...yeah i'm a big baby. The nurse mentioned it to me at my appt on Thursday but I declined. I think i'm going to get it at our next appt on October 18 to make the hubby happy. I'll be 14 weeks then. Hopefully I don't chicken out. Smile

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I will be getting one when I get one for my son in October. I called his pediatrician about flu shots (they will give them to kids and parents in the same appt) and they said to call back after October 1st to make an appt, so that's what I will do.

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I've never had a flu shot BUT the doc did tell me that they're safe after 12 weeks.

Okay - I did have ONE flu shot and it made me HORRIBLY ILL. So, I'll take my chances with the real flu versus getting it from a shot. Sheesh.

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My OB actually gives them at her office, so I'm sure I will be getting mine when she thinks the time is right. I work with kids so I think its best. I got it with my daughter.

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I am not getting it. I'm wary of vax anyway, but I just don't think the benefits of this one outweigh the risks for me.