Follow up appt yesterday

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Follow up appt yesterday

So I had the appt at labor and delivery yesterday. Had my u/s first and she scored 8/8 on the biophysical. I really think the tech at my docs office stresses me out because she always has such a hard time and it takes forever. This was nice and quick and my fluid was down from 31 to 27.4. So then I had my nst and I was on for 25 minutes and it was perfect so that was good. Then my doc was on at the hospital so he was pleased with it today and said go back to office on Thursday like normal and we will see. I can't believe I am 36 weeks tomorrow....

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Congrats on a great follow up!! So glad to hear your fluid is back down. Smile

A little early but happy 36 weeks!! Can't believe how close everyone is getting! Smile

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Congrats on a wonderful follow up appointment!!! Glad everything is better! Not much longer and your little bundle of joy will be here. I bet you are so excited! Smile

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I'm glad this appointment went smoother than the last! Sounds like the baby and you are doing great! You are getting so close!

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Sooooo did this happen? So glad to hear you had a good appt!

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Yay for a great and non-stressful follow up appointment! That is great to hear that your fluid went back down! I didn't know it could fluctuate that much!

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Things are going great!! That's wonderful news, you're soooo close!!