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Follow up on me

Well this week has been hectic to,say the least. Being from the Boston area has been tough the last week. The marathon is a yearly tradition that I often celebrate and this year with the baby I did not. I had a lot of friends in Boston right near where the bombs went off as that was our spot due to a friend managing a restaurant and bar right there. The emotional trauma of this week with pregnancy hormones and emotions was tough. And on top of this my visit to the emergency room that night. Medicine has been done since Thursday and I am seriously worried my body did not expel what is in the uterus. No real heavy bleeding or cramping so I am not sure. I see my doc on mon finally and expect he will do an u/s to find out. I am worried it will mean a D&C if I did not pass it on my own and that will just set me back more. I feel great otherwise and am not bleeding super heavy or anything. I just want this to be over and this is something I never expected.

Glad to read everyone is doing good and loving all the pictures!!!

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Crazy week for sure with the Boston stuff and the West explosion. I have friends in family in both places. Glad that the baby came this year and you stayed safe. Are your friends all ok?

Well, I'm glad the bleeding stopped. I hope the medicine worked and you don't have to have a D&C.

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The Boston bombing was tragic enough without knowing that you might have been right in the middle of it if it weren't for the baby coming. ((((HUGE HUGS))))) I really hope you don't have to have a D&C. I know I'm still bleeding - yesterday there was (TMI) a long string of blood in the toilet... I was like..wha?? ...because when I wipe it's just a little blood and I thought it was settling down, but since then I've noticed that I'm actually putting a lot of blood in the toilet. Here's hoping both of us stop bleeding soon! I'd really like to get back to normal.

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nak- (((hugs))) that's a lot to deal with. I hope your friends are ok. I hope the u/s shows the medicine worked on mon. so you dont have to have the d&c.

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Wow, what a week. I really hopeyou ddon't need a d&c. I think I'd lose it if I had to have another procedure done at this point. I'm guessing all of your friends are ok?

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I'm still bleeding, too.. Hang in there, mama.. :comfort:

My T&P are with you and all who were effected with the bombing. Sad It's a rough thing to have to hear about let alone imagine having possibly been there. So sorry - I hope your friends are all ok. :bigarmhug:

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Yes all my friends are ok. One of the cops is from the town we live in and there was a vigil tonight for him. It is all just so sad and tragic. I have friends who work at one of the hospitals and had to work on people and I feel for them because these are images they will never recover from.

My bleeding is pretty light for the most part but just hope it worked. My DS's badly party is next Saturday so a procedure does not fit into my schedule right now grrrr not really sure how invasive or recovery for a D&C but I guess I will deal if I have to. Going to work hard for a lot of cleaning tomorrow and house stuff to be ready if I do have to have it done