the fountain of youth and other fun things about newborn boys...

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the fountain of youth and other fun things about newborn boys...

We completely failed at the diaper change this morning and had to change not only the diaper, but the clothes, MY clothes and MY bedding. Smile (changing the diaper on the bed with absolutely no protection is not advised!)

Never underestimate the distance the pee can go!

I have nicknamed him the piranha, He loves to clamp down on my poor nipples. OUCH! We have had many conversations about being gentle and nice to the boobies, and he usually complies, but every now and then--CHOMP!

Here are some pictures for your enjoyment!

Timothy enjoying the Bili lights when we were still in the hospital. It's tough being a baby!

Grandma and Timothy getting some natural bili light therapy

Sleeping little peanut

And one last question:
if YOU dropped the binky in the toilet, would you fish it out (in order to throw it out) or just flush? Yes, multitasking was not a good plan this evening!

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Haha had to laugh... I would fish it out to trash because my luck it would clog the plumbing and cause major issues!!!

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Awwww, what a sweet little peanut! Love the picture if him just kicking back under the lights like he's working on his tan!

Yes, that same thing happened when my brother was changing Reid's diaper. He and his wife are having their first baby, so he wanted me to show him how to do it even though he was really grossed out by the idea. Then Reid peed all over my brother and himself. Hysterical!

I agree with Aimee, I would fish it out and throw it away. I would worry about a major clog if it got flushed.

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What a cutie! With DD being a girl, the pee didn't go so far, so she would only soak her own clothes and the bedding-my clothes were generally spared! We quickly learned to always have a water proof something under her when changing her! Although one time when she was older and wasn't so prone to peeing at the drop of a hat, I tried to do a quick change on my brother's bed when we were visiting. Yup, of course she went and peed his bed, lol!

My vote is fish it out as well since it would probably clog the toilet.

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Lol, I'm loving hearing all the newborn baby shenanigans. Oddly enough, it's actually making my look forward to having a newborn more, hahaha.

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Sooooo cute! Haha about the pee! Taking notes here!

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Yep, have to remember that if I have a boy!!

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hehe Iv'e had 3 boys i think iv'e only had the getting peed on experience once maybe 2 times:) You become a pro after a while hang in there mama we have all been there Smile

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I agree, after having a learn to become very quick and a pro at changing diapers. Always fun times though!!!!!! Smile