Freaking myself out a little...

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Freaking myself out a little...

So I woke up at some point last night and I was sleeping on my back and I think I must have been for some time. I felt weird and I had to go pee so I did thinking my bladder was just too full but then I started thinking about how I had read that if you lay on your back it could cut off blood flow and oxygen to the baby... Now I'm freaking out, what if I gave the baby brain damage or something? I have GOT to get a body pill or pregnancy pill this weekend sometime. Oh and for the record sleeping has become horribly uncomfortalbe for me. I am a belly sleeper and I cant sleep anyway but my side which is normally how I start out but I NEVER can sleep on my side. Plus I cant breathe through my nose at all. And now I'm constantly panicked about waking up sleeping on my back. All in all it makes for a very long and uncomfortable night. Oh and did I mention that we sleep on a HORRIBLE old water bed that wont hold water (it was DH's and bigger then my full size bed so its what we use) so its awful, we plan to get a new mattress (a real mattress) but we have some things we want to do to the bedroom first before that can happen. Sorry for he rant and the freaking out... I just figured you'd all understand and listen. Feeling like crying right now. I guess I better get used to interrupted nights huh?

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Sorry you got all freaked out. But I've read a lot about this and this concern is more towards the 3rd trimester when the weight of the baby compresses the vena cava. But a lot of things I read said that if that happens, you would naturally wake up before anything bad could happen bc you would also be short of breath.

I am a tummy and back sleeper too. Im trying my hardest to sleep on my side and I wake up all achey bc Im just not comfortable that way. I did buy a pregnancy pillow, I think it helped to "train" me from rolling onto my back. However, I hate that pillow now. I bought one with a curve in it, and I wish I had just bought one that was a super long pillow.
Try not to worry so much. Im sure your baby is just fine in there!!

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I agree with Elizabeth - I think when it gets to the point where sleeping on your back is bad for you (because it's cutting off your O2) it will start to feel uncomfortable anyway. I think about it sometimes too, but I try not to worry myself over it.

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I agree with both PP's. It cuts off YOUR O2 as well. That said, I've been on the couch since DH has been away - and I sleep on my back every night. I know it's not good for me or baby to do it, but I'm scared of sleeping in the bedroom. I mean, what if someone comes in? LOL My imagination is great. But anyway, point here is.. I wouldn't worry TOO much about it 'til the baby gets bigger.

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Thank you all. This makes me feel a little better. I kept thinking "what if I gave the baby brain damage or something?!" I know it probably sounds stupid but I just got nervous.

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I'm sure everything is fine! Smile I still find myself sleeping on my back. I believe it's later on in pregnancy where it is a problem. I do believe that nature starts preparing you for not sleeping. i find myself waking up every night now and not being able to fall back asleep for at least an hour.

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It's so hard not to worry.

I agree with the other ladies, it is more of a concern later in the pregnancy.

And you do not need to sleep completely on your side, just tipped a little bit. Try putting a pillow under one hip and side of your back and lay back onto it. Just a couple of inches elevated is all you need.