Friend shower today

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Friend shower today

I had my friend shower today. It was awesome, I'm so lucky to have such great friends to do that for me. The food, desserts and drinks were all so tasty and the gifts were great!!

I have way too much stuff. The only things I need now are a baby monitor and some batteries. We are all ready for Henry to arrive. I'm going to do one final round of nesting and take the next month off.

I will post pics of my shower later when I get them.

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Sounds like you had a wonderful and exciting shower! Glad it was fun and you got so many great gifts! Can't wait to see the pics Smile

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Yay for a great shower and being ready for baby. Take a breather mama! Smile

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Yay for a great shower! Can't wait to see the pics!

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Yay! Friends really do mean so much!!! Rest away

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So glad you're ready! Remember, no harm in returning things you don't need - you will be spending a whole lot more money once baby gets here!

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That's so nice of your friends! It's always nice to know people care enough to come and celebrate with you.