Funny little thing about Sadie

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Funny little thing about Sadie

Anything frilly that she wears, like the minnie mouse dress she is wearing right now, that is all lacy she likes to suck on it.. She likes eating the lace at any opportunity she gets .. It is kinda cute but it makes for a very wet dress.. Anyone elses lo's do anything similar?

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Judah puts his hands in his mouth all the time and whatever is in his hands like his bib or a burp cloth goes in too. He's also started grabbing my necklaces so it might be time for a mama necklace!

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Julie is constantly eating her hands. Any blanket goes into her mouth...any ruffle any part of her swaddle...she ate her sock today. Lol. Plus, she's drooling like crazy so she's alwayssss wet. Her daycare asked for her mittens because she scratches her face and I have to wash and dry them every day because she soaks them from having them in her mouth.

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Henry loves to gnaw on my ergo straps. He is putting his hands and toys in his mouth too.