fussy baby

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fussy baby

So miss Sadie has been really fussy today, not sure the reason but she wants to be constantly nursing/held today oh and shes been pooping like its going out of style so now even tho i always put desitin and powder on her @every diaper change shes got a lil rash. She also has a spot in her mouth on her gums that she was born with that they said would go away(milk tooth they thought coming through) But it hasn't and its even more swollen and feels like there is a baby tooth coming right through there.. Hasn't broken yet..But something def is there.. what would you ladies do.. My other children are being esp needy too feel like pulling my hair out today.. Just keep reminding myself this day is almost over .. Bedtime is in an hr for the older kids.. Soon...

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Hugs momma! Sounds like a rough day. I hope you've got her to bed by now and tomorrow is better!

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I've got a fussbox myself. Sorry to hear its been a rough day for you. Hopefully this passes soon.

Not sure about the tooth. have you asked your pediatrician? that could very well be the reason for the fussiness.

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Hope the night got better. Could it be thrush or a yeast infection? Rylee had one the first week we came home and lotrimin and blamed cured it but the mouth could also be a form.

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I have heard of babies being born with their teeth sometimes so it's possible that it is an actual tooth coming through!
I would call the pedi to see if they would want to look at it though.
Mine wanted to eat ALL day yesterday - maybe a growth spurt?
it can be SOO tough though, especially with the other kids as well.