GERD and sleeping

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GERD and sleeping

I've been wondering if Reid has GERD because he throws up all. the. time, he's fussy, wants to nurse constantly, and sometimes screams like he's in physical pain. I have cut dairy out of my diet because that helped with T, but I haven't noticed much improvement with Reid even though its been close to two weeks. So, I talked to my doc, and we decided to try Zantac with Reid. He took it yesterday, and lo and behold he only got up twice last night (we've been averaging about 4-5 times a night.) He was still a bit fussy this morning when I wasn't holding/nursing him, so I don't think it's a miracle cure to turn him into a super easy baby, but it might be helping with the incessant night waking at least. I hope! Fingers crossed that tonight goes as well!

ETA; Meant to ask, does anyone else have experience with GERD? Did medication help your LO?

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I hope Reid gets better! My mom was telling me the other day that I'm lucky with Julie because she handles breast milk and formula. She generally throws up a little bit right after a bottle, but other than that - she's good. Apparently all I did was puke and cry when I was little...haha. As far as the physical pain, sometimes Julie screams and arches her back. I can hear her stomach rumbling and when she passes gas, she immediately calms down, but sometimes it takes awhile to pass. I noticed this before we even introduced bottles to her, so..

But yeah - hope Reid feels better! (I love Zantac!!)

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I have GERD and I do know that sleeping on an incline helps SO much. I hear it helps with babies too, my best friend's babies both had it and she propped up one end of their co-sleeper by putting something underneath the legs. And she did cut out all dairy and soy from her diet. Sounds hard to deal with though. Screaming, puking babies, lack of sleep and changing your diet dramatically. Whew, that's too much.

Hope he gets over it quickly. Are you exclusively nursing or doing a bottle as well? I think that there are certain bottles that have anti-colic valves, maybe those would help if you are using bottles. If not, then I don't know what to tell ya. Sounds like the zantac is working though, so maybe he will just take his dosage and be over it!

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doubly doubly

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My DH has it bad and we worried with my daughter when she was little and considered puking etc.. In reality she was spitting not puking and after a bit it took care of itself... Same is happening with rylee and we asked and really they said intakes 4-6 weeks for their digestive tract to settle but if super fussy I would so think do something to fix. I know DH sleeps on incline when his bothers him.

For gas we use mylicon. Used with DD and already with Rylee we started too and it works wonders!!!!

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I hope the Zantac gives you both some relief.

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My son wasn't ever really diagnosed w/ GERD... but as a baby he puked ALL the time!!!! Projectile vomit. all the time. he was on zantac for a bit but I didn't really notice a difference either way. He snored from the night we brought him home, so at 2 they took out his tonsils and adenoids, helped a lot w/ the puking and some w/ the snoring. He would nurse and nurse and nurse, puke then want to nurse again. I know how stressful it is to seem them that way. My dd was born preemie and had colic... WOW that was NO fun at all. Hang in there momma and I hope you get some answers soon. I do remember my pedi telling me to elevate his head, even if it meant sleeping in the carseat or bouncer seat even. I sat pretty much straight up in the bed and he slept on my chest Sad it was tough but that was the only way anyone got any sleep.