Gestational Sac Question.

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Gestational Sac Question.

Does everyones gestational sac look different? I've seen ones that are round, some look like a banana.. and does the baby grow into it? Does it get bigger (the sac?)

Sorry...just am not sure..

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I've obviously googled that after today! Smile I've seen lots of different things! I've even seen 5 week US with the yolk sac already in which made me a little nervous.

If you google it and then go to images you will see a lot of pics for 8 weeks or whatever week you would like to see.

Oh and I've totally seen the banana looking one...found it pretty cool! LOL!

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I'm not sure how it works, but mine looked like a little black blob, fairly round.

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well with having mc I know you want them to be as round as possible. When they start dipping in or are more grayish that black that means they are breaking doen. At least that's what I was toldand have seen with my mc. I'm sure they could all be different though.