Gestational Sac Question. (again)

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Gestational Sac Question. (again)

I posted a question earlier on if all sacs are different.. I wasn't concerned before I posted the question. After I read the answers I became concerned because my u/s didn't show a "circular" sac. So, seeing as how I've learned how to upload pics, would you ladies mind letting me know what you think? I have another u/s tomorrow...

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I honestly do not know. I mean that looks fine to me. Has the dr. said anything? What a beautiful little bean!!!

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I have been googling 6.5 week ultrasounds to know what mine should look like on Friday - yours looks normal to me. I haven't actually seen circular sacs in many of those at all.

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I really wouldn't worry. I have never had an early u/s so I have no idea but I've never ever heard of an "irregular sac" being a problem. I only get one u/s at 20 weeks when they do measurements and such and then it's all about the baby's size, not the sac.