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I guess, somewhere deep down I had thought that I'd go into labor right at 37 weeks. Or maybe I had hoped.

I can't get comfortable in the bed anymore unless I'm completely exhausted and can fall asleep before my hips start to hurt. Which is like.....never. I might be tired, but my mind is still running at 100 MPH.

Work sucks. I hate bending. I hate lifting. I hate walking. I am starting to hate my co-workers lol

And - this was the kicker for me - my worry about her has come back. Not like, worrying about her and what's going to happen when she gets here, but worrying about the next three weeks and even IF she will get here. I know that's completely horrible, but it's like... I have to seek out the bad things in order to .... I dunno, prepare or something.

I just want her here Sad I wanna make this "real" for DH and I. I know when she gets here it'll be a whole new list of problems and worries, but at least I'd have my little girl.

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I'm sorry Jess that your feeling this way. If it makes you feel any better, your not alone. I have those same thoughts and I am constantly worrying. Sometimes I worry whether I sat down too hard on the couch and a whole bunch of other what ifs. But I keep trying to focus on the positive and keep telling myself that everything is okay and that my little one will be here soon. Your at 37 weeks almost 38! Not much longer to go girl! Just try and keep positive and keep telling yourself, very soon I will meet my little baby girl! I will send you happy thoughts and good vibes. And I will also keep you in my prayers. I hope everything gets better girl Smile

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Those last few weeks are emotional torture. Try to find something to occupy yourself, but yeah...good luck! I promise looking back those last couple weeks will have "flown by" but I swear when you're living it, the minutes take hours to drain by. She'll be here soon!! Get in a few naps or stock up the DVR Wink

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This is why this site is so great because we can always find people to be in same boat! Vent vent vent... I am feeling same as you... Felt horrible today because being at work with teens that can be given something and then occupy themselves is way easier than occupying a toddler... I usually love my time with her and felt horrible emotionally today for wishing to be at work

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Are you using a pillow between your legs when you sleep? My hips will hurt too even if I do use a pillow but it does help.
You've come a LONG way - almost 38 weeks so you are on the home stretch and you CAN do this! And she will be just fine and everything will be just fine!!! ((hugs))

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(((Hugs))) I think the not knowing of these last weeks are just really hard. I expected to go when my doctor told me that I could go at anytime two weeks ago, so I totally get how you can feel like "What the heck, I was supposed to be done by now." LOL But you know what, you will be fine, Julie will be fine, and you are going to have that baby any time now.

I'm sorry that you're still at work and that it sucks. (((hugs)))

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Thanks ladies. Some stupid @$$ at work told me about a lady who had a stillborn and I freaked. WHY the HECK do people say things like that to a pregnant lady? Come to find out - I knew the lady and she didn't have a stillborn, she had a miscarriage and it was at 13 weeks. :rolleyes: That's how rumors get started.

And I don't think I *hate* work. Not yet. It's just..I think I have short-timers syndrome. Like when you *know* you're about to go out on vacation and you just can't wait so either you don't care OR you care way too much. This morning, I had to have a "talk" with one of the guys that brings in bread. I was actually surprised that it went over like it did, but he's a complete punk and I already had an attitude and so did he, so.. it wasn't very nice. And it was at 5 in the morning. I have horrible hours to not be a morning person.

Then, I get home and didn't get my nap because someone from "bizloans" keeps calling me and calling me and calling me. My phone # used to be landscaping companies number, but they don't seem to understand that. I didn't want to turn my phone off in case DH called me. Then DH DID call me and he tells me he's not going to school tonight, so I had to get up and go clean up the kitchen so I could start on dinner lol. Just in a funky mood I guess.

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I'm sorry lady. I hope things get better soon. And before you know it, baby girl will be here and all this will be in the past. I know thats easier said than done, but it is true.
Give me another two weeks and i'll be doing the get out get out get out dance and vents too. Hahahaha!

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Sorry you are having a rough time Jessica. I can't believe your coworker told you that story, I hate when people tell me stories that freak me out like that.

Julie is going to be just fine though. Vicki is right about the pillow between your legs. Helps a lot. Also the belly support belt helped me, they are as cheap as $15 on amazon. The chiro though has done wonders for me. I'm a believer now. This last weekend was the first time in 10 weeks I was able to lift my left leg without being in excruciating pain.

Well I hope you get relief soon. She could come any day. Just take it one day at a time. Hugs.

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Hugs, Jessica. Physically, I am totally ready to be done as well. I moved into the guest bedroom this weekend because that bed isn't as firm as my and DH's bed and it doesn't hurt my hips as much to sleep on it. The only reason I won't be doing the get out dance is because I am still stressing about making sure my cover at work is completely trained-I have so much stuff I really need to get done before i leave that I would rather this one come later if possible. I totally get the vacation mentality though-with my first, my job at the time was much easier to train a replacement for and toward then end I was totally not caring and just wanted her to take everything over so I could start enjoying my leave.

And what is up with people sharing horrible stories like that with pregnant women? We come up with plenty to worry about on our own thank you.

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Aww, Jess. I know the feeling.. even this early I am like.. come on May.. lol. But it won't be much longer and you will be holding Julie in your arms!

I also hate it when people tell me horror stories.. especially about pregnancy or newborns. GRRRR. Anyway, I hope your night was better and hope your day today is better also!