Get to see the bean tomorrow :) UPDATE!!! :)

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Get to see the bean tomorrow :) UPDATE!!! :)

SO SORRY !!! I'm not allowed to use internet at work and my phone won't let me log on!!! I had to wait all day to update LMAO!!!!

We have a beautiful little bean placed right where it should be - in the uterus Smile

The mystery with the low hormonal levels has FINALLY been explained.

I caught this pregnancy WAY early - as in like WAYYYYY early.

Remember I THOUGHT my last period started June 28 making me 6 weeks today.

Apparently I either ovulated late or something happened cause I'm only 5 weeks 2 days!

Yowzer! No wonder this has been so confusing!

Little bean has a cute little yolk sac and is measuring 6 MM.

There is no heartbeat nor a fetal pole - but duh, considering little missy here apparently peed on a stick and got a BFP at like 7 DPO (whoa on the 6 days sooner FRER, they weren't kidding) - it's no wonder.

Little bean is just fine at the moment. There is nothing to indicate otherwise.

I have another u/s at my regular appointment on August 27.

I saw the sac right away - she enlarged it and everything and pointed out everything.

Of course they didn't give me a picture LOL because I didn't ask ... I wish I would have, it was really cool to see that - seeing something developing from the very beginning inside of me is amazing.

I have a huge aversion to tomatos and cheese now - two of my favorite things.

Today I actually had a simple bite of chips and salsa queso and barfed immediately.

I am very happy with that - Wink


Okay, okay.

I caved.

I told the doctor I was still concerned because I had early bleeding and asked if it was possible to please have the ultrasound they originally planned instead of waiting until August 27.

They said YES to my shock Smile

It's scheduled for tomorrow at 8:30.

A heartbeat at this stage is doubtful. But I will at least be able to make sure it planted in the right spot.

Not that I'm worried because the numbers yesterday were great ... but you know ,I never had bleeding with my other pregnancies so I can't help but to be a little bit anxious.

They did give my progesterone level finally.

It was only 7.8 - but I refuse to freak out about that because those can vary.

Nurse said it was perfectly fine Smile

I'm excited but nervous.

And my boobs hurt.

That's all Smile

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Yay! Good luck for perfect bean implantation! Good that your doc changed it - my doc you gotta call crying ATLEAST four times before they up your ultrasound KUP

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Oh how exciting! I'm sure that will put your mind at ease to see the little bean snuggled in there. I don't blame you at all for wanting to, especially after spotting. And ya never know, you might see that beautiful little flickery beat. I was 5w6d when I had mine, and we did see it (although the tech said she was surprised we could see it that early, so don't be in any way freaked out if you don't see it.) Can't wait to hear all about it!

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August 27 is a long time to wait, especially with the bleeding you experienced. I am having trouble keeping myself patient for my appointment too so I totally understand. You'll be 6 weeks so it's possible you could see a hb but still early enough not to worry if you don't. I can't wait to hear your update tomorrow.

I see your appointment is early so don't make us wait all day to hear how it went Wink

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yay!! i am so excited for you. tomorrow will be a great day Biggrin if you can, post a pic of your bean pretty please!! Biggrin

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Very excited!!
And yay to doc listening!!!!!!

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So glad they let you keep the appt! My office is stingy with u/s too. Like said above its possible to see the hb but also very normal not to yet as well! Can't wait to see pics!

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Any update yet
Good luck

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Woohoo!! Can't wait to hear the results!

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Updated at top - sorry for the delay Smile

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YAY!!!! So glad to hear little bean is doing well and is just tiny and early!!! Biggrin What great great news! Was your doc shocked that you had caught it so early?

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Woohoo! That's awesome news. So glad to hear everything is perfect with your little bean. Biggrin

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That's fabulous news!!!!

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Aww such great news! Very happy for you.


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Glad to hear all is well! I can't believe you caught it that early.. what test did you use?

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I used a FRER 6 Days Sooner.

I couldn't have been but 7 DPO. Which doesn't make any sense cause we only BD'd on July 13 and 14. We BD'd on the 18th which could have been it ... but I caught this EARLY EARLY EARLY.

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How exciting that you got to see your bean! I'm glad all went well at the first appointment. Your 2nd appointment is so soon. Its great that you don't have to wait.

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I got my first BFP on the FRER using evening urine on July 25.

That's nuts.

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Wow crazy that you got a + so early! Glad everything looks good. So awesome that you got to see the early stages of development.