Getting More Awkward

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Getting More Awkward

I noticed yesterday (and then again today) that it is uncomfortable to bend over to put on my shoes. Luckily, I usually just slip them on and off anyway, so I can do that without leaning over if I need to. It's not toooo bad yet, it just felt uncomfortable and felt like I was trying to bend over one of those mini-beach balls, but not impossible yet. And I swear today when I was leaning over the baby kicked like "get off me!"

The other thing is, I was sitting on the floor to fold laundry, and found that I had to rely heavily on our ottoman to get back up again, although in fairness that had more to do with my poor knees which have totally gone to crap. DH said (and he's right) "You're too early to be doing this already." That's how I feel too, but I can't deny that I'm getting more awkward anyway.

Anyone else going through this yet?

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I get that uncomfortable feeling when bending down, but like you I just wear shoes I can slip on. If were already feeling this way now, can you imagine what its going to be like at 30+ weeks! Oh dear! lol I also find myself getting more off balance. I didnt think that happened until a lil later but im definately feeling the preggo clumsiness!

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Yeah I'm feeling uncomfortable when I bend over too. You're not the only one!

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Once a week at work I have this HUGE order to come in that I have to check in. Usually the sales rep helps me check it in but she wasn't there yet, so.. I had to do it. But MAN it was hard bending over. I mean, I'm fat anyway, but sheesh!

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I'm right there with you, I get out of breath when I put on my shoes. Feels like I have mini beach ball there to where I cant take a good breath. And getting up and down is pretty rough too and I'm not even close to as far along as you are so maybe its just in my head? LOL I dont know.

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UGH, I have days. I think lately more because I"m extra bloated due to the constipation.

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I've been like that since I was like 14 weeks. I'm not sure what the deal with this little girl is, but I feel like I'm 30 something weeks already. So uncomfortable and akward. I get the "get off of me" kicks too!