Good appointments today!

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Good appointments today!

I just finished 3 doc appts. Got to get them all done when I am in town! Biggrin

First one was the perinatologist. We had another u/s and cardiac echo. All looked good. No down's markers found either! He is still a boy and growing right on target. The doc was less concerned about placental insufficiency after todays scan. We do another scan in a month.

Second was with the endocrinologist and I definitely have gestational diabetes. I have been monitoring my blood sugars for the last month and will be starting metformin. I will most likely need to start insulin in a month or so.

Third was the regular OB appointment. It was just a quick check since I spent over an hour with the peri this morning. The good news was I have only gained 2 lbs this pregnancy and I am blaming that on my knee brace!

Phew! I feel a lot more relaxed about this pregnancy now. My BP even got lower each appt today!

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Awesome!! Smile So glad everything is great!!!

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Glad baby boy is still a boy and no markers for downs!! I'm sure you are relieved. Sorry about the gestational diabetes though. Sounds like some great appointments. Now you can paint the nursery and go shopping Wink

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Glad you had good appointments and yay for getting them all out of the way in one day! Sorry to hear about the gestational diabetes, but sounds like your doing great overall!

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Sounds like a lot of good news. Sorry about the GD, but hopefully it stays under control.

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Yay for all of your good news, but sorry about the GD. I will probably have it too (I get tested in about two weeks) so we can exchange recipes and food ideas if you want. Biggrin

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So glad you had good appts! I know you are feeling more relaxed and thats good for both you and baby! Yay!!!