Good grief people, settle down

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Good grief people, settle down

Someone in my office makes an AWESOME rum cake every year this time. It's got uncooked rum in it. I took a very small sliver of it because it's freakin delicious and a small amount of rum soaked into cake is NOT going to make my baby grow an extra arm. People sure were freaking out about it. JOAN! You can't eat that!! Ugh. I had to walk away because I couldn't take it anymore. Then I licked my plate, lol.

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*lurker* North Americans are the most uptight, judgmental hypocrites in the world - I swear! I believe ours is the only society that regularly preaches complete abstinence from alcohol during pregnancy and yet we have the highest rate of fetal alcohol syndrome in the world!

I know the research says even low to moderate alcohol consumption is enough to cause FAS but that's 1 to 6 drinks a WEEK! NOT one glass of wine (or slice of rum cake) during your entire pregnancy...

Good for you Smile I bet it was good!!!

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I plan on eating rum balls on Christmas. HA!

Go on girl.. lick the plate! Wink LOVE it! hehe

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Hahaha - don't you love :rolleyes: how comfortable people are in informing you what you should and shouldn't be able to eat? My doc says a glass of wine every once in a while is fine, so I'm sure you're fine with a scooch of rum in your rum cake. I mean seriously, what is there, like one cup of rum in the entire cake? Assuming you cut it in 10-12 small pieces, that is less than an oz of rum per piece. Don't try to reason with people though, it doesn't help anything. Lol

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Hahaha. Those people make me laugh. I'm glad you snuck away and enjoyed every last piece!

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Nice. I love how judgmental people get when you're pregnant. I can drink everyday/night and stuff my face with crap all day long and smoke 5 packs of cigs a day (I don't do that stuff, just as an example) and that's all okay, but BAM get pregnant and all the sudden, everyone is your mom!!

I'm glad you enjoyed it!! I totally would have done the same thing. Except I would have taken half the cake. LOL!

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Im glad you enjoyed your rum cake anyway! And I probly would have licked the plate as well! People need to learn to hold their tongues when it comes to telling others how or what they should do with their own bodies.

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What else is new, people are so strange around pregnant women!! I'm glad yo enjoyed it!

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People are so nosey and obnoxious! Its YOUR body, YOUR baby and YOUR decisionw what you put in your body. One slice of cake is not going to hurt the baby... it would be one thing if they saw you turning up a bottle of vodka or something but a slice of cake is nothing! LOL I had a small glass of sweet Christmas wine the night we decorated the Christmas tree, its a tradition in our house, and I'll probably have another small glass of Christmas wine tomorrow night while we sit in front of the Christmas tree just like every year. I'm not concerned about the baby b/c its not something I do regularly and its never in excess. You know whats best for you and your baby, screw everyone else! Oh, and MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!