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Good start to the day

I woke up and had a private message notification on my FB. I won a free pregnancy massage from a local Duola's FB site! I am so pumped, I've been sleeping like crap and my body has been aching! I sooo need this. Also, I opened I small pack of Skittles and it was all orange, red, and purple. Perhaps not as exciting as a free massage, but I was pretty pumped.

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LOL at the Skittles!! Are you going to get the massage now or wait? Maybe you should wait until you're gigantic and feeling worse haha!
I've always wanted a massage; even have asked for it from DH for a number of holidays and have never gotten one... maybe I should just get it myself!

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I thought about waiting too! I know I'll need to more later, but I'm afraid if I wait too long, I might forget about it it'll never happen.

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Yay!!!! I love massages. I have a membership to a local spa, so I get one a month. :biglove: How exciting to win a free one!

I never really eat Skittles, are the red, orange, and purple ones the best?

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I like the yellow skittles!! Haha. So funny!

So awesome about the massage. I would love that. Enjoy!

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Woohoo! Massages are awesome!! Smile When theyre free its even better! lol Smile I love eating the green and red skittles together. Yummy!