Got DH a Father's Day Present

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Got DH a Father's Day Present

So I was practicing with the moby and my mei tai over the weekend and told DH he should learn too, and he said they both looked too girly. The moby is black and the mei tai is navy, but still he said the wrapped look is too feminine and he wanted a man carrier. LOL. So I bought him an ergo sport for father's day. I probably shouldn't have spent that kind of money, but I tend to spend when I get anxious, and I'm anxiously waiting for this baby to get here already. It's like buying baby items helps me feel more like a mama!

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Aweee - I think that's money well spent! Wink I'm sure he's gonna enjoy it. Just wait till that little man is here.. bet ya he'd wear a pink floral print if he had to to hold that baby!! Wink

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The Ergo is supposed to be awesome, so I don't think you'll regret spending the money.

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Cool!! My hubby doesn't do front carrying at all; I just wear them in the sling until they're big enough for back carrying and then he will wear them in our Ergo (which is a maroon color but he doesn't seem to mind). that's a good idea for a Father's Day present!

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Great gift! We didn't have our ergo when DD was wee...we bought it when she was 2! Hubby back carries her in it quite a bit. I'm pretty sure he'd be fine with front carry for new baby. He really didn't like the look of the wraps either. He wore DD in a Snuggli (before we new better) on the front though.

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