Got some great news (sort of OT)

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Got some great news (sort of OT)

My SIL and brother had us over last night for a small family celebration for Rocket. I had told my SIL that I didn't really want or need a shower since I pretty much have everything I need, so she asked if she could just have my mom and dad, her mom and dad, DH's mom and dad, and our siblings over for dinner instead. Of course I agreed to that, and it was very nice. Since it was St Paddy's Day, she made corned beef and cabbage which was low carb AND extremely yummy, and she decorated her house with some cute baby decorations, and people brought a few small gifts but nothing extravagant. It was really really nice. THEN, best of all, at the end of the night, my brother and SIL announced that they just found out that they are expecting their first!!!! I'm going to be an aunt!!! I am so excited for them. I can't believe my little brother is going to be a dad!

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Aww yay! I LOVE cabbage, but it's not my friend LOL I'm glad you're going to be an aunt! I have 3 nephews, but unfortunately, I don't get to see any of them. (not my doing). When is she due?

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I love cabbage too, and luckily it hasn't seemed to bother me this pregnancy.

They JUST found out; she hasn't even had her first appointment yet, but they just couldn't keep the secret. LOL I think that puts her due in November.

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Yay for more babies! Congrats to them!!!!

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:woohoo: Congrats, Aunt Alissa!!! :woohoo:

Super sweet on the low key dinner and couple nice things. Biggrin

:nono: Cabbage and I do not get along.. starting with when I told it once upon a time, "I won't eat you!"

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That's awesome! So nice that you had a nice dinner with family too.

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Yeah congrats Auntie! That's so exciting!

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Now you have someone to hand down all the clothes to! Congrats on being an future Auntie!

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Wow!!! That is wonderful news! So happy and excited for you! Smile Congrats!!! Smile

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That's great news! Sounds like a nice time!!!

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That's so nice! and so exciting about the new baby coming!! The baby excitement in your family gets to keep going!

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Aw yay, how exciting about the new baby!