Great Ultrasound, but Spotting Now

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Great Ultrasound, but Spotting Now

I had my u/s yesterday. Baby measured right on target and had a perfect little heartbeat at 119 bpm. I was SO relieved I cried on the freaking table!

My DH has been a saint and we haven't DTD since our BFP. I gave him the all clear and we DTD late yesterday afternoon before he went back to work for the night.

I fell asleep at 8pm after I put my son to bed and woke up at 2am to pee. I was spotting red blood. Not a lot, and only when I wiped, but it still freaked me out. I called the doc on call and he said with a perfect ultrasound 12 hours prior, he thinks it's just cervical irritation. To be on the safe side, I am on bedrest until Tuesday morning - I already had a prenatal visit scheduled for 8:40am Tuesday. I haven't seen any blood since I woke up at 6am, so I am praying hard that the doc on call was right and all is well.

I hate the first tri and I am so ready to be in the phase of pregnancy where I can feel kicks and hear the HB on a doppler!

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After I DTD in my earlier pregnancies, I bled a little...and I hear ultrasounds can do that too and you did both, so I'm sure it's just your cervix being irritated. good luck!

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Agree with Jessica (and your doctor); sounds like cervical irritation after an u/s and DTD. Smile I know how scary it is to see that red blood though.

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The day I spotted was the day after my ultrasound! I'm
Sure it is from that...