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I feel grumpy ... a lot lately. I don't sleep well at all. I'm usually up for at least an hour each night if not more, then I have to get up at 4:45 for work. I'm also sick of trying to find something to wear to work. I just want to stay in pajamas for the next 2 and a half months. I'm already starting to run out of clothes that cover my belly. I'm not even that anxious to not be pregnany anymore, I'm just tired of having to do all of the other stuff while pregnant. Yes, I realize how completely ridiculous that sounds. I just want to take a whole week off work and get some stuff done around the house and catch up on sleep, but we need to save money for my non-paid maternity leave. OK, whining done.

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((((JOAN)))) I totally feel you on this! Even when I'm off, I'm too tired to do much at all. I'd like to take some time off, even just a couple days but DH keeps telling me to save my vacation for after the baby is born. I know that's in a couple months (EEEEEK) but right NOW I feel like I just want some TIME to get some stuff done. I don't sleep well at all, either. I just lay there and think about everything under the sun, generally nothing baby related, just anything and everything that can possibly stress me out...then I can't sleep. Then the next morning I'm tired all over again. I hope your grumpy-ness goes away! I was grumpy before pregnancy, so.. I don't have much hope of mine disappearing.

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YESSSS!!! I just need a freaking day off to lounge around in my jams. I also hate getting ready in the morning, because I'm running out of things to wear maternity wise...some of them aren't even fitting anymore. I'm sad too, because my friend who gave me a bunch of maternity clothes is now pregnant and I have to give my clothes back pretty soon since she is 13 weeks already. So now I have to go shopping when I only have 3 months left.

I'm not sleeping either these days. I'm averaging about 4 hours of sleep at night. I'm sure my co-workers are tired of my grumptastic moods.

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Double Post

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Sad I hope you can get some sleep soon and maybe that will help with your other feelings going on.
I feel for you ladies having to work while pregnant. I was working full time when we found out we were expecting but got laid off shortly after and I think i'd probably be just as miserable as you ladies are had that not happened. Hope you can figure something out to make life a little easier.

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Omg I feel you!!! It is so much worse this time for me and I know it is partly having a toddler this time but it is just different. I snapped at a student today and he turned and was like mrs s it is ok my mom was the same when she had my baby brother last year and I just laughed. The uncomfort at night is a killer. I took Tylenol pm last night just to rest since I am stuck going back to school tonight from 7-9... 9 more weeks hopefully for me and I don't want to go early so we can all suffer and complain together

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Oh yes, I am verrrrrry grumpy today. Having an extremely hard time holding my tongue even when I know I really should. T (my four year old) got me up at 4 am yesterday, and 5 am today, plus not sleeping very well in general. Zzzzzzzzzzzz.