had the best day

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had the best day

NO I didn't get a BFP to soon but I did get some great news. I have been back to work part time since the end of May. Today I found out that I got the full time lead spot. I also got a new phone my first smart phone. I'm hoping this good news will keep going but if not it's ok. I will be very busy.

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YAY for great days! Glad to hear things are going well! I love days like that!

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Yahoo Congrats!!

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Yay! Congrats for good news and great days!

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Congrats!! I love good days.

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Thank you all!! I have found I get better support from here even on non baby stuff then I do with some of my friends. I don't know how I would of gotten through this past year or so without all of you so Thanks. I might not post a ton but when I need someone I can always count on prg.org best please to go!!!

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Thats exciting! Congrats!

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That's awesome! Congrats Smile

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Congratulations! If I remember correctly, this was the job where they opened a new store and you were working on a trial basis and then they hired based on performance? Congrats on getting the lead spot!

And I agree with you about pg.org. You can always find someone here who is empathetic and understands what you're going through. You don't get that a lot in real life.

And yay for the smart phone, too. Smile