Had my dating u/s today..

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Had my dating u/s today..

Baby grew lots! When he stuck the wand thingy in, I didn't see the baby...but he moved it and baby popped up...and immediately I could see the heart chugging away. He let me look at it for a minute, started measuring everything. They moved my due date up one day..lol. Measured the heart rate, 165 BPM. Doctor said everything looks perfect! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

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What's beautiful little bean!!!!! So glad all is well!!!!

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So wonderful!! I am glad you got to see everything.

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Yay! How exciting! Hello there little baby!

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So exciting!!!!!!!

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I replied in the other thread, but I am so so happy for you. Smile What a cute little bean you have there. Biggrin

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