Halloween costumes...

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Halloween costumes...

I'm not a real big girl but I'm curvy (and getting bigger by the minute it seems), I'll be 14 weeks come halloween and we do a big party every year. While I wont be as much fun b/c I cant drink I do plan to dress up of course. Will I be showing by then? How early do people generally start showing? (I've been wearing maternity jeans all day just b/c they're more comfortable and all my works pants no longer button and barely zip half way)

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I'm a big girl, but within the last week or so I've definitely started "showing" more. I have a little more pudge there, but not enough for anyone to ask if I'm pregnant...lol

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Yeah, I don't know that you'll be showing too much by then. Maybe a little bit. I usually start showing to others at 17/18 weeks and I am small framed.

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Depends on your body type! I am definitely showing now at 14 weeks, but this is my second. I think I started showing around 14 or 15 weeks with my first, but not very much, just a very small bulge in the tummy area.