Happy due date to me!

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Happy due date to me!

I've been reading but not posting because I've mostly been on my phone. I'll try to get on the computer tonight to do some responses to the other threads.

Anyway, I'm 40 weeks today! I really think she's getting ready to come soon. She dropped down and I've had a major surge of energy since yesterday, kind of a last nesting hurrah. I think (but not sure) that bits of my mucus plug have been slowly coming out over the past week. We pick up my in-laws from the airport today and my midwife gets back in town tomorrow. In a perfect world, I'll go into labor Tuesday afternoon after DHs accounting test, lol.

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Yeah for 40 weeks!

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Another little one that may need an eviction notice?? C"mon little ones.. it's time to come play!!! Biggrin

Happy Due Date - Hope your LO comes quickly! Smile AND SOON!!

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Woohoo! Smile Maybe she'll hold tight for ya for a few more days.

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:woohoo: Happy Due Date to you and your little girl! Tell her about Tuesday, she may listen. Reid didnt come until after his daddy's debate tournament...;)

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Keep sending her Tuesday afternoon thoughts-DD1 came on the exact date I wanted her to, lol! I wanted her to come 10/10/10 so when I went to bed on the 9th I told her she needed to come now for 10/10/10 and I went into labor that night. I joke that I used up all her obedience for the rest of her life with that one!

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Happy due date! Fingers crossed that she holds out til Tuesday but comes quickly after that!!

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Happy due date! Cant wait to see if she waits till Tuesday and see pics of when she does finally come out! Good luck!!!

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Happy Due date!!! hope she holds out till Tuesday!!!!! Not much longer Smile