Is it hard for you ladies to tie your shoes now?
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Thread: Is it hard for you ladies to tie your shoes now?

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    Default Is it hard for you ladies to tie your shoes now?

    It is increasingly becoming more difficult to Tie my shoes, Very umcomfortable now that there is a baby there, anyone else experiencing this yet?
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    Oh yes. Lucky I keep mine kind of loose so I can just slip them on and off, but when I do have to mess with them it is uncomfortable. I have been making T stand on the stairs when I tie his shoes so I don't have to bend down.
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    My shoe came untied twice today...and I'll admit, I wandered around before I found a place to prop my leg up so I could get to my shoe without actually having to bend all the way down.

    When I'm at work, I have to bend a lot to grab stuff off the floor and I've started to make hippo noises on the way down... ok ok and on the way up too
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    Yes, I have to bring my foot up on my other leg!

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    Yes this is getting more difficult. I also have this weird semi-constant pain in my lower left abdomen when I lift my leg. I'm guessing that is where a never-ending air pocket is. I hate putting on tall boots or pants because I have to lift my leg.
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    I'm having such a hard time... makes me lose my breath doing it. My belly gets in the way big time. LOL
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