Have a real mommys girl on my hands

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Have a real mommys girl on my hands

So Little miss Sadie is def a mommahs girl, She already says Mummah, So cute when Hubby holds her and shes done with him holding her when she cries she says mummah.. I think its early yet, but she says it all the time and associates mummah with me. Yesterday my mom who she usually loves to have hold her she wanted nothing to do with my mom yesterday and only wanted me period:) This makes things a challenge to get done around the house cause she wants to be so clingy.. I finally layed her in her bouncy seat and she played then was fussing and then passed out in it ..

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Aww sounds like she loves her mommy. I think Henry is starting to need me less actually. He is so distracted while nursing, that he has started snacking. Also I can put him down for longer periods where he can entertain himself.

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OMG, that sounds soooo adorable! I bet it can be exhausting though.