Have you looked at baby stuff yet?

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Have you looked at baby stuff yet?

I'm waiting for DH to finish showering so I got a little bored and decided to check out babiesrus and after like 5 min I got a headache!!! Geez, how many different kinds of strollers are there!!?? You can spend 9 months just picking out a stroller! I was amazed at the amount of stuff there is, it was a bit overwhelming!

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I love looking at baby stuff! I have already picked out nursery themes for both genders so I know exactly what im doing. Now I just need to know if its a boy or girl! lol I cant wait to start buying clothes and doing all the fun stuff!!

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It's hard right? I've been looking online for car seats and strollers for awhile now. Saturday morning we drove to babies r us to check them out in person. I know my DH is extremely picky with gadgety things, so I wanted to test out folding them and what not.

We both really liked the combi cosmo stroller. It's like a lightweight umbrella stroller that folds easily and fits infant carseats. Although I think it only takes the combi carseat which we don't like.

It's going to be a big headache to make a decision. DH had a freak out moment this weekend when I told him all the stuff we needed to buy that is not going on the registry like the Breast Pump, the crib, crib mattress, stroller, carseat, carseat base, changing table (maybe), rocker (maybe).

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Haha, I totally got mad looking at strollers. I think that's the most exciting piece for me to buy and there's so many and they all do weird things and look different (and there was one that was like...900 bucks) and I just got overwhelmed...

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I'm kind of glad that peice of it is done for me since we still have all of the major purchases from T (stroller, car seat, high chair, crib, et cetera.)

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I have looked, but the main stuff we need is crib bedding (since we'll be doing different decor), a pack n play (my son destroyed his!), a swing (son's was battery-powered and I'm sure I'd spend more than $200 on batteries, so...new plug-in swing it is!), and a carseat (Ben's will be 4 years old by then and I'm overly cautious). We have everything else from our first.

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We've been looking but haven't bought anything yet ourselves. And I say ourselves because DH and I haven't bought anything, but my family has. My mom and dad bought a 6 month size hoodie that says I love my mommy and daddy but grandma and grandpa are the best. My brother bought us a swing(and older model but i'm good with that since this will be our last) and a high chair that just straps to a kitchen chair which I really like since we are in an apartment and it will save space.
But I agree that just looking is very overwhelming. We need everything except a pack n play and crib mattress and girl still if this one is a girl. Our son is 6 and destroyed his crib and we got rid of his stroller and carseat due to dates. I don't mess around with those pieces.

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We haven't started looking yet. We need to buy it all again since we sold it all in a yardsale (maybe that is why we got preggo in the first place!).

We sold our fancy jogging stroller/bike trailer and it makes me sad to think I need to buy it again. I will get another one even though it is a lot of money.

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I've been looking at baby stuff online since the day we found out we were pg! There is so much to look at. I dont usually look for very long when I do look just b/c I get frustrated not knowing what sex we're having yet.

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There are lots of things you can buy used that are still in great condition like a stroller and crib and stuff. A lot of people sell stuff after one baby so its practically new. For safety reasons I would buy a car seat new .
I won't need a lot with this one but will have to get a new infant seat and a basic stroller because ours is wearing out. Oh and a crib since ours is drop down and recalled...

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I haven't started looking yet. I've been too tired and nauseous to feel like it, plus we already have the major things from DD. Once I know if it is a boy or girl, I will know if I need to start buying boy clothes, and I will probably look into getting a double stroller but I am putting that off for now.