Heart burnnnnnn

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Heart burnnnnnn

lol anyone experiencing lots of heartburn??? Man i don't even have to eat anything spicy and all the sudden it hits me.. Hoping she is going to have lots of hair:) Good thing i have Tums on hand normally lol.

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I was just telling DH that this bottle of Tums went by a lot faster than my last bottle, time to get a new one! I'm constantly chewing on tums after about 2 in the afternoon for some reason. I also take Zantac in the morning and before bed, because if not I wake up miserable in the nighttime.

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Oh man everyone is starting to get heartburn really bad. I'm scared, since I used to have it pretty bad. I have acid reflux and its almost constant now, but luckily I've only had mild heartburn.

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I get a lot of acid reflux!