Hello! I'm in the 2WW!

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Hello! I'm in the 2WW!

We arent officially trying but we arent preventing and we did do the deed during my fertile time this cycle so we will see. This will be my 1st 2WW for baby #2. Our daughter will be 3 next week and it just feels like it is time. I always said i didnt want more than 3 years between my kids but my daughter was diagnosed with a disorder that caused her to be behind developmentally and she was sick alot but she is healthy now and has caught up to her peers for the most part so we decided it will happen when it happens and we wont get all stressed about it but of course its hard not to get my hopes up.

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First off, holy crap, your daughter is adorable! Best of luck here in April, I hope you get to stay!

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