Hello ladies. :)

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Hello ladies. :)

Finally ready to start posting in April now. I always have to take a little break from the boards after I get a BFN.
I'm back now and dh wants to seriously start trying. LOL he wants to try every other night for the next 10 days. LOL just to cover all bases. He also bought me a basal thermometer and bought me a one month VIP sub to FF. He also told me to buy a bunch of wondfo's. Biggrin

I have reservations trying this month because of what my EDD would be. My son is 4/17, our anniversary is 4/23...the EDD would be 4/20. lol

I had a chemical pregnancy last month, so I'm hoping that we catch a sticky bean this month. I really shouldn't be complaining because we get pregnant pretty easily and I always feel bad because of all the women out there struggling with infertility.

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Best of luck! That's great that your DH is on board, and enthusiastic too!

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Good luck Liz!!
Loads of egg catching and sticky vibes xxxx

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Wow, he's definitely on board! Biggrin That's fun that he's so excited. Mine basically only wanted to be involved in the "fun" part. LOL Good luck!

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Glad to see on the April board......Good Luck...smile

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Hey. Good luck this month!

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It is awesome how supportive he is!! Good luck!!