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hello ladies

I haven't posted in over a week (excpect for today). I had guard duty all last week and the network over there is tight, so I couldn't post. Also, my father in law is in town, so I've been busy at home. Things have been well with me though, no major problems. Right now I'm stuck somewhere between wanting to nest, but being too tired to do anything. I did a lot on Sunday, but then the ligaments in my belly hurt so bad I had to sit for a few hours. We had a fun weekend though, we took DS to a monster truck show in Atlanta. I'm sure most people think I'm nuts for going to a monster truck show at 33 weeks, but I got approval from my OB and honestly, I love them. I thought it was a blast and DS had a great time. Hopefully I can get a belly shot on here soon if I can get PB to cooperate.

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Ooo, the monster truck show sounds fun. Glad to hear you had such a good time!
And yay that things are going well for you, minus the pains of course.
Is it weird of me to think, that even though i'll be 32 weeks tomorrow, hearing that you are 33 weeks makes me feel like you are so much further ahead than me? LOL dumb I know!