Henry is rolling

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Henry is rolling

He has rolled 7 times since yesterday. Seems a bit early. He has been very active since birth though. His pedi always says he acts older than he is.

Its like he has mastered the rolling and thats all he wants to do now. Its weird because he is more comfy on his tummy which is why we do lots of tummy time. But the moment he rolls over he smiles and then cries bc I think it bothers his reflux to be on his back. If he hasn't eaten in awhile then he is ok on his back and loves to play. Anyways, I made a video but not sure if I can post it here. Its on my facebook though. Proud momma! Smile

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Yay go Henry!!!!

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Awe ... poor little guy rolling over and aggrevating his reflux! It's crazy how varied these babies can be with their milestones. Emma's been rolling from tummy to back for a few weeks now where my DS didn't do it until he was 4 months old. However, she's still not really grabbing at stuff and just barely batting at thigns where DS could pick up solid objects like blocks by this age.

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Who hoo!!! WTG Henry!

Kylie has rolled a few times but only on our bed or the couch. She will go from her back to her side very fast, but I think her arm is still just getting in the way to go all the way over on a flat surface. My DS was 4 months before he rolled the first time on any surface. Very true when they say every baby is different. They each do things in their own time.

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Today the pediatrician said he acted 4 months old. She said that she hopes this means reflux won't last as long. She ruined my proud momma moment when I told her that he is rolling. She said he doesn't need to roll, he needs tummy time. Boo. He gets plenty of tummy time though. He is happiest on his tummy. I was even letting him nap on his tummy (I know, I know) but thst was before the purchase of the Rock n Play. I love that rock n play.

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Go Henry! Reid still isn't rolling all the way over, although he does like to roll onto his side the second I lay him on his back. I'm not worried about it because I know they all do it in their own time. But how exciting for Henry! WTG Little Guy!

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Yay Henry! Wade hates tummy time so I'm surprised he hasn't tried to roll yet. He has only done it once but I think it was by accident.