Here I go sounding crazy again...

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Here I go sounding crazy again...

For those of you feeling movement - do you feel it in your back? I get the same feather type, quick, light feelings on the side of my back. Is that even possible?

I'm going crazy, aren't I?

My gender scan is in less than two hours. I'm about to leave the house, go pay the power bill and head over there (it's about a 30 minute drive) where I can then sit in the parking lot and obsess.

I did want to add, for all those of you guessing girl.. I'm the last girl in my family, DH has none in his. So, if I had a girl, I'd be the first in THIRTY YEARS. LOL

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Hmm....not sure about the back thing. Later in pregnancy when the baby takes up all of the room in your torso, you will feel him/her everywhere, but not sure that they are big enough for that yet.

Eeee, I'm so excited to hear what you are having. Update as asap, okay? Biggrin

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Not sure about the back sensations...havent had those.

Agh!! Cant wait for you to update.

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You have my phone number - use it! Lol

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I haven't had the back sensations either. Sooo looking forward to the appointment results!

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I'm thinking the back tingles might be a nerve thing or something. I can't wait to hear how your appt goes!!!!!!!!