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Hi Girls

I'm new here, this is my first post. Hopefully I can stay here on this board! My DH and I have been JLIH for awhile now, but we're pretty anxious to get going now so we are giving it a real try this month. I just started my cycle and should O around the 14th, making my EDD sometime in April if we Just wanted to say hi and good luck to everyone else TTC!


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Hi Kim and welcome!!!!

I was here years ago while TTC my daughter, and have recently returned to try for #2. I hope you get to stay too!

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Hi Kim! Welcome to the boards and good luck this month!! Biggrin

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Hi Kim and welcome!!!! Good Luck!!!

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Welcome, Kim Smile Good luck this month!

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:wavehello: Hello Kim! Welcome to the board. I take it that this is your second baby? How old is your first? Lots of baby dust to you!

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Thanks ladies! Kate, this will actually make #3. I have a ten year old and a three year old, both girls.

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Welcome and good luck xxxxx

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Welcome here and hope you get to stay!!

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Welcome and good luck!!! Smile