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Hi ladies

Hello everyone! I am joining you ladies late but loved my daughters birth board so I want to join here now too! My name is Aimee and I am expecting my second daughter. My due date is April 3rd but I will be having a csection march 29th I hope ( we wont schedule until 32 weeks). I figure being the end of march I will have more in common on this board than March.

I look forward to meeting everyone!!!

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Hi and welcome! Congrats on your second daughter!

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Hello and welcome! How old is your daughter? Is she excited to get a little sister? Congrats on #2! Looking forward to chatting with you more!

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My daughter will be 3 the end of April. I need to update my siggy and all that stuff. We had wanted them two yrs apart but a couple failed ivf rounds made it 3. She is excited and loves to kiss my belly

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Congrats and welcome!!!

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Welcome Aimee!

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Congrats and welcome!

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My daughter will be 3 years old when this baby comes as well. My first two are 2 years apart and I love that gap, but for us the timing was better later this time around.

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Welcome to the board!!!