Holy cramps batman!

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Holy cramps batman!

Last night was just miserable! Sleeping is getting to be a pain in the a**. Takes a lot of work to turn this big belly over from side to side. Haha!
Anyways, we went to bed last night by 11 and I think I slept until about 1:30 and then that was it. All of a sudden I felt these cramps coming on. Like really bad AF cramps. So I felt like maybe i just need to use the bathroom(yea yea TMI-sorry). Went to the bathroom, sat in there for what felt like forever, did get some business finished and felt better. Went back to bed...not 10 minuets after laying down, the cramps came back. Really felt like I had to breath through them. Laid there trying to figure out if they were just cramps or actual contractions(I never had contractions on my own with DS so this could be new for me). Got back up and walked around for a little bit and went to the kitchen for a bottle of water because then I started thinking maybe i'm just dehydrated. Drank a whole bottle of water and then grabbed another one to take with me to bed just in case. This is too much thinking in the middle of the night let me tell you. Ha!
Went back to bed and around 4 this morning fell back to sleep.
Today I seem to be feeling better so far except being extremely cranky and tired. But man, let me tell you, if this is what the last weeks of pregnancy are going to be like, i'm not so sure i'm good with this. Hahahahaha!

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Glad they stopped, whatever they were!! When I get into bed - I start to hurt immediately. Not like cramps, but just general uncomfortable-ness. So I turn around. Which hurts. I can't get comfy anywhere in bed. I told DH today that I really hope I'm not on the couch overnight for the next 6 weeks.

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Ugh... I am so uncomfortable at night too. I have heartburn at night no matter what I eat. Turning from side to side is like moving an elephant... And then hemmorhoids (sorry tmi)... We can get through this together!

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Oh that sounds awful. On friday I was having intense AF like cramps too. It really freaked me out and thats why I went to the midwife. But she said I just needed to drink more water. I feel like my water intake is pretty good, but she said I was severely dehydrated. So I went home and drank tons of water...and I did feel better. Got up like 6 times to pee that night.

Hope your cramps go away and I sure hope they aren't contractions.

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Ouch! None of that sounds like any fun.. I get the uncomfyness but haven't had any cramping during the middle of the night.. evenings yes, but nothing that wake me up. Stay hydrated - not much longer! Smile

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I've been trying to drink as much as possible but thats hard for me because I've never been one that needs to have a drink nearby at all times unlike the hubs who has to have a drink in his hand every time he leaves the room. LOL. Told the hubby about it this morning and he was like well why didn't you wake me up...for what? Both of us to be tired and miserable all day today. No thanks. I appreciate the concern and you wanting to help I really do, but...not to worry you'll be woken up if need be! Smile
And on top of it all...I all of a sudden feel like i'm having trouble breathing today. Shouldn't she be moving down yet? It's so hard to remember all this from being pregnant with DS as he will be 7 in July so it's been a while. I sometimes feel like a FTM again. Ha!

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I've noticed something weird about my water intake. During the day I drink a good amount of water even though I could probably drink some more. But at night , it's like I turn into a thirsty mad woman. I am literally drinking water constantly as I go to bed. And I know that really doesn't help me when it comes to getting up to pee at night but there is just something about how thirsty I get late at night. But yes I also have been feeling those uncomfortable nights where I can't find a comfy position. Hope everyone else starts feeling better! Smile

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Ugh, that sounds like no fun at all! I am glad that the cramps stopped, and I hope that they stay stopped for a while.

I had a weird low cramp that woke me up last night and kind of worried me, but it went away after a minute, and it hasn't been back since so I guess we're good. I guess we're all just gearing up to go in a month or so....